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I live in Tasmania with my husband of 40 years and have a daughter in Melbourne and a son in Launceston. My interests are quilting, theatre, reading, gardening, travel. I work as a chartered accountant.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Evening Sky over Launceston

Yesterday evening (on the last day of Winter 2007) I was driving to our local museum for a function. I stopped the car to take this photo of the storm clouds over the city. The museum is actually in this photo behind the trees. You can just see the image of the double rainbow - it was much brighter a few minutes earlier - when I didn't have my camera!

Looking towards the mountains (behind the clouds) from the car park of the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery.

With the Museum buildings in the foreground.

And another featuring the lights of the car park.

And looking East from the same spot.