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I live in Tasmania with my husband of 40 years and have a daughter in Melbourne and a son in Launceston. My interests are quilting, theatre, reading, gardening, travel. I work as a chartered accountant.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Gifts

My daughter discovered a new quilting shop in Toorak and bought me these lovely yummy bits. What she didn't know is that the owner of the shop is a friend of mine!

And before Christmas I ordered these gifts for myself from the USA - they arrived on Christmas Eve which was a lovely surprise as I'd forgotten what I'd ordered!

I am hoping to become more creative and make some Textile Art as opposed to quilts - I just need the time and inspiration - I have all the goodies to start with - I think.

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Quiltycat said...

Where is the quilt shop in Toorak?
Well done on updating the blog!