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I live in Tasmania with my husband of 40 years and have a daughter in Melbourne and a son in Launceston. My interests are quilting, theatre, reading, gardening, travel. I work as a chartered accountant.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Yesterday morning we had this
wonderful sunrise. I do love Autumn in Tassie.

The peacocks are back! I still say the only good peacock
is a stuffed one - but this was in our yard the other day searching
for what delicacies he could find amongst the flowers!

And one of the Queensland girls was looking for a stripey geranium
Is this like the one you found Melinda?

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mereth said...

At the place where son Matt is living now there's a peacock that roams around like this and it's favourite food is tomatoes.I wouldn't have thought so but it comes running when Matt calls "Mr Peacock!" and gobbles up every last bit.Strange.