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Friday, April 6, 2007

A report from across the world.

I am unable to upload photos at this point but our trip so far:

We arrived in Paris on Sunday 1 April - went to our hotel and had a stroll, dinner and an early night!
The next 2 days we used the on/off bus to see this wonderful city which included a visit to the Louvre where we saw Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Lunch opposite Notre Dame, a walk up the steps to Sacre Couer, a little bit of shopping and lots of eating and drinking.

We have also been up the Eiffel Tower and seen how huge Paris is. Sailed down the Seine - Under the Bridges of Paris - and saw the homeless in their one man tents!!!!

Our trip to Giverney and Monet's garden and house was very relaxing and enjoyable - the countryside was lovely after the bustle of Paris.

Images of Paris - doors, dogs, beggars, baguettes, Music in the Metro, glitz, cafes - I could go on for ever.

Yesterday (Thursday) we took the Eurail to Brussels - only 1 hour 10 minutes and very luxurious in 1st class. Brussels is a city of contrasts - the Gothic, the 19th Century and the modern. We went to the Museum of History and did the military section- once more on the on/off bus. Today I wandered around the Town Square which is just so old and beautiful. I also indulged in some chocolates - after all it is Good Friday - not that you would know as everything, except the schools, is open as usual.

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