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Friday, June 8, 2007

The Garden in Winter

Today was the perfect day to rejig our garden. Because our house faces South the front garden doesn't get any sun in the winter and that, combined with peacocks and wallabies nibbling at the plants, makes it difficult to find suitable plants. I forgot to take a before photo but this morning we transplanted a heap of polyanthus and bought some flax and dwarf japonicas to plant out the front - then we laid some pebbles around them all. Hopefully it will be successful.

I then planted the polys in one of our back gardens and my husband covered everything with mulch which actually means that those bulbs who were poking up above the ground now have to gain some more strength to pass through the mulch!

Another of our little gardens.

And I decided to plant some polyanthus in this pot - I would love it to be pansies but so would the wallabies! All in all a very good morning's work.

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