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Friday, January 11, 2008

Being Creative

Back in 1993 I fell in love with a painting of Pro Hart's which was featured on the Senior Scene magazine that my parents received. I always planned to base a quilt on it.

In 2005 (I can remember because I actually made a label) I used the Ricky Timms method to create the background (I could have actually cut up strips and not bothered about using his method). I used 2 fabrics which had been in my stash for years - the lighter was a hand dyed piece I bought from Cat Stone (a scquilter) and the darker was a Nancy Crow fabric I thought I would use as the background for a Snugglepot and Cuddlepie quilt I might make for impending grandchildren. Well that never happened and I've grown away from that idea.

I then appliqued the Sturt peas - I think this may have been some of Lisa Walton's fabric but I can't be positive - and used a small amount of fabric pens to highlight them. At the time I was doing a class with Pam Holland and she added some white highlights as I didn't have access to a white pen.

This is the piece before I got to work on it today.

Then I bought some Shiva paintsticks which have been sitting in a box waiting for inspiration. Well today I pulled out the quilt and the paintsticks and drew all over the quilt to try and get a little of the effect of the original painting.

Once the paint sets (about a week) I will do some thread drawing and quilting on the piece and may even add some beads.
I think I may need to add more paint but I just want a hint of the painting as I'd like to maintain the original fabric look. But it has been fun so far - wonder which year it will be finished - am going to have to change the date on the label!!


cat in tassie said...

Wow, looking good, Jill. Don't the paintstiks make a difference! I also have some lurking in a box somewhere unopened - this might inspire me to actually get them out.

Jasmine said...

That looks so good, well done!
And five more rows of Dear Jane is wonderful, look forward to seeing it (prob over again in April...)

Jenny said...

Looks brilliant Jill - were you able to get permission to use the idea so you can show the work? I actually just forwarded your blog to DUQ as I think it woudl make a marvelous article.


Delia said...

Wonderful work. The paintsticks make such a difference. I am yet to buy them.