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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Walking to Work

The peacocks are back - I haven't seen any in the backyard for a while but I managed to chase this one away the other morning.

I started walking to work again this week - it's all to do with shedding those kilos that went on over Christmas. But I do see some interesting, not so beautiful and spectacular sights. These are some of the images I discovered this week.

A resident down the street where I live makes different objects - this "person" has been standing outside his home for a while - apparently some of the young children are terrified - looks like a good way to hide a dead body??

And talking of dead - here is some road kill I passed on the way - not a very attractive photo but I was trying to get down wind!

And staying on the topic of "dead" this is a photo of the Tamar Basin at nearly high tide (further down you will see a photo taken at the same time only 2 days later). We have a real silt problem at the moment - when the tide is really low it looks like there is barely a trickle of water to sail on. Boats are known to become stuck in the mud.

If you look closely at this photo you will see the native hens working in the rice grass which becomes visible at low tide. A couple of years ago a pair of swans used to nest in this spot but they have found a new home because of the situation of the river.

The next day I looked up, rather than down, and noticed this gum tree is in full bloom - I don't think ours is going to flower this year.

Then I spied this lonely sock and further along yet another - sadly not a pair so I left them there.

I must have walked past this tree many times but this is the first time I noticed the cone like foliage - beautiful.

And the Tamar River at full tide - taken from half way down the steps I walk down beside the Gorge.

The Launceston City Council have beautifully kept rose gardens in the Royal Park which is close to the city - the bushes are about to burst into their second blooming.

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