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Friday, June 19, 2009


In April we began our adventure to the United Kingdom. Because of a cancellation of our original tour we had to alter our travel plans and flew to London via Japan which gave us a day to visit Tokyo. We stayed at a hotel at the airport in Narita, but having spent all night flying from Sydney we didn't spend a lot of time playing tourists! Actually I think we spent more time in the train and waiting at stations - I have never seen such clean railway stations.
On the way into Tokyo we passed lots of rice paddies. And after some time roaming around the subways we eventually found our way towards these fountains which are near the Imperial Palace with the help of some nice Australian ladies.

We didn't see the actual palace and the gardens were closed because it was a Monday - well why didn't I think of that!!! But we did see these buildings and I loved the flora.

Back to Narita and an early night before our long flight to London - this was all we saw of the nightlife of Japan - looking from our room across towards the airport.

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