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Friday, June 19, 2009


I can't believe that I haven't posted to my blog since September last year! We have since been to some amazing places and when I started to prepare the photos from our recent UK trip I discovered that I already had a folder from a trip we did earlier in the year so here is the story and the photos.

On the weekend of 21 February Wayne and I escaped Launceston and travelled to the West Coast of Tasmania to celebrate our 40th Wedding Anniversary. On the way we drove through Zeehan and visited their fascinating museum and wandered through the beautiful old theatre.

We then drove through to Strahan - a village in Macquarie Harbour.
And stayed in the upstairs apartment in the white building which had a lovely view over the Harbour.
On the Saturday we boarded The Jane Franklin for a Harbour and Gordon River Cruise.
We sailed across the Harbour and out through Hell's Gates - an extremely narrow opening - into the waters off the West Coast of Tasmania - we were fortunate in having a lovely calm day.
This rainbow was over Cape SorrellAnd the view looking back to Hell's Gates and Tasmania.
Back into the Harbour and we sailed past these fish farms - if you've had salmon from Tasmania this maybe where it came from.
And then into the famous Gordon River - by this time the weather had clouded over and we had a misty rain which made it all look even more beautiful. We were being spoiled on the top deck of the boat and were under cover when outside. Enjoy these images.At one point we were able to leave the boat and wander through the bush land amongs the Huon pines. I loved these fungi clinging to the trees.And the leatherwood blossom.This is a 2,000 year old Huon Pine.After leaving the River we next stopped at Sarah Island - this was once a convict settlement - a beautiful island but with horific memories.This is Small Island where the women were kept. Back to Strahan and dinner looking over the Harbour - you can see the Huon Pine logs in the centre after being towed down the river.

A mist hung over the harbour the next morning.

After leaving Strahan we drove through the old mining town of Queenstown and up the extremely windy mountain to look back down to the township.

And on our way back across the Central Highlands we had a surprising view of Frenchman's Cap.

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