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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Europe Holiday 2008 Final Day Dubai

Dubai is a city of contrasts. We have visited there before but travelled around a few different spots on the OnOff Bus this trip.

This is a view of one of the traditional old buildings - notice the wind towers - the old version of air conditioners. They are quite effective if you stand under them but with the extremely high heats in Dubai I think I'd rather opt for the air conditioners.And here the locals are packing their trailers before pulling them through the souks to the various shops.
One of our stops on the trip was this new centre which is made in the image of an Egyptian building - having just been visiting the ruins around the Mediterranean I suspect the original buildings would have looked a little like this.

And didn't we see Obelisks like this in Paris and Istanbul? Much older of course.Another modern building - a little of a lean here - blame the fact that I was sitting on the outside of the bus fighting a strong wind!The ancient mosques.
The entrance to one of the beaches - on this particular day it was open only for women and children.
We stopped here to take photos of the Burj al Arab - very much a contrast with these old boats.

If you are able to enlarge this photo - there is a very interesting body (I am assuming it is male) with very little clothing - yet another contrast!Another hotel complex.

We then stopped at ski complex for lunch. Wayne was very confused - we sat in the middle of the desert drinking Dutch beer, eating sushi and watching people ski!

The next day saw us winging our way home. There were some devastating cyclones further North but our pilot must have been having fun at 40,000 feet dodging around some of these clouds - I must admit we had a very smooth flight.

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