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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Europe Holiday 2008 Part 17 Santorini

On Monday we arrived at Santorini. Wayne and I had been here before but had done a tour of the island and not spent any time in Fira (the capital). Our plan was to wander round the town, find a restaurant with a view over the caldera and indulge in lunch! Once we were tendered ashore to the small township of Mesa Yialos, we bought some souvenirs and Wayne bought some genuine fake sunglasses. We travelled to the top in the funicular only to discover that the credit card was still down below in the shop. Wayne returned to collect it (safely I might add) and returned to the ship while I went on to have lunch with some friends. Something tells me we may have to go back so Wayne can also enjoy a lunch on Santorini!

These buildings are built into the cliff face.
Looking back on the Zuiderdam - our ship - which is anchored in the middle of the Caldera which was formed after a massive volcanic erruption centuries ago. At the top of the cliff looking down on the town of Fira.
Typical buildings.

And the narrow street swarming with tourists!

Across to the other part of the island with the airport.
A lovely view of the Caldera and the volcano.
Back on board the ship this is a view of Fira and the donkey track you can ride up.
The cliffs further around - you can clearly see the strata formed by various earthquakes. This is the site of a former mine for pumice which is no longer permitted.Sailing away and looking back at Santorini nestling behind the volcano.

A view of the edge of the volcanic island.

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