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Friday, July 4, 2008

Europe Holiday 2008 Part 15 Mykonos

Saturday morning we sailed past various Greek Islands on our way to Mykonos

where we arrived after lunch.
We did a bus tour around the island - I love the blue and white buildings which are so typical of the Greek Islands.

The island of Delos is in the distance.
We stopped at a beach where we were able to see inside a private chapel.
One of the many dove cotes which were used to keep the doves in years gone by when they were used for food. Many of these dove cotes have been converted into units where people now live!

Another of the beaches we visited.Our next stop was at the High Town where we had some Greek food and ouzo.And then visited an Orthodox Greek monastry and church.
The church was overflowing with decorations. This particular monastry was originally a fort for the people of the island.

Back down to sea level and I wandered around the town of Mykonos, known as the Low Town.

One of the windmills typical of the island.
And the octopus being sundried!

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