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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Europe Holiday 2008 Part 16 Kusadasi/Ephesus

Early Sunday morning we returned to Turkey (this time Asia) and sailed into Kusadasi. The pilot boat came out to meet us.
We were fortunate to be one of the first tour groups arriving at Ephesus as it gets extremely crowded, not to mention how hot it would be on a warm day walking along the marble streets.

The first information of Ephesus goes back to 2000 B.C. and the ruins are truly remarkable. It was originally on the sea but nature has taken it's course and it is now an inland city.

This is the doctor's residence - the symbol still being used today.The Priest's Way - all these streets are of marble.
And these niches were placed to stop the horses from slipping on the marble.

Statue of Hercules and the lion.
I'm not sure how long this little creature survived with all the tourists!

Nike - if you look closely you can see the symbol which is used today - they are yet to find the statue to Adidas.
The mens' club - imagine 20 or so men seated doing what a man has to do while they are entertained!

Hadrian's Temple
Mosaics which have survived the centuries. And these little puppies had a lovely time dodging between all the legs.

The Celsus Library - a magnificent building.

And this sign is reputed to direct the sailors to the ladies etc!
The theatre which is still used today for performances - I suspect people do take cushions to make the experience more comfortable.

Harbour Street looking towards the Prison of St Paul on top of the hill.

And the many stalls outside the confines of the ruins selling Genuine Fake anything!
Once back in Kusadasi we were herded into the Turkish rug shop for a demonstration - this was probably a little better than others I had seen in that we did see how the silk was actually made - well not the dear little silkworms but how they then produce the end product.
And one of the girls making a silk rug - the patterns are very complicated but most of the girls learn about 3 patterns and repeat them - it can take years to make some of the rugs which certainly explains the price.
That evening we sailed away from Kusadasi after yet another perfect day.

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