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Friday, May 4, 2007


Late on the morning of 13 April we arrived at Coblenz - this is where we were to leave the Rhine and sail down the Mozel River.
Our tour, was once again, very interesting and full of the quaintness of the cities in this area. The first image is of parts of the Berlin Wall which were given to the city on some auspicious occasion which eludes me at the moment - something to do with Coblenz being recognised as the centre of parts of Germany (sorry my history lesson has been forgotten already).

One of the old monastries has now been converted to an art gallery for modern art - whilst we didn't go inside we did see this wonderful sculpture which is by a world famous artist - sorry can't remember the name!

This ancient gate was in the same area as the thumb above!

And then I started taking photos of the manhole covers - this is the symbol of the city of Coblenz - the spitting boy - there is also a statue (with him regularly spitting water) but I couldn't get a really good photo.

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