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Friday, May 4, 2007

Our cruise director (we started in Amsterdam) had a surprise for us - a visit to Keukenhof Gardens. We were so lucky as they are only open for 8 weeks of the year. They are absolutely beautiful and the aroma from the hyacinths was amazing. I'm hoping today to go to our local nursery and stock up on more bulbs - I think my planting in the past has been too sparse. However I'm sure their blooms are twice the size of mine. Also seeing the fields of tulips on our travels is a memory to keep forever.

Other highlights of the gardens were the many interesting sculptures - here is one of them.

This photo was taken from our cabin - and I honestly can't remember if it was a sunrise or sunset (forget to reset the time on the camera) as I lost touch with which direction we were facing! However I think it must be sunset as I'm sure those streams from the aircraft were from the airport which I think was West of Amsterdam but don't quote me!

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