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Monday, May 7, 2007

The Rhine Gorge

The next morning we sailed down the Rhine Gorge - my first image, as I looked out the cabin, was this castle - Stolzenfels Castle, Kapellen - it was magnificent in the dawn light.

Not a castle this time - but one of the many pretty towns we passed by.

And I did rush up on deck to catch the sunrise over yet another town!

Marksburg Castle and Braubach

And another little town.

This day ended being an eating day!!! Because we were staying on board for the morning we tended to have a later breakfast. At around 10.30 the crew brought some German sausages, pretzels, etc and wine on deck for us to indulge whilst taking in the scenery. An early lunch at 12.00, before we visited Rudesheim where we also went to a beer garden to indulge in Rudesheim coffee (plus be entertained by musicians). Then dinner!!!!!!

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