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Friday, June 20, 2008

Europe Holiday 2008 Part 11 Split

After a night at sea we arrived in the port at Split, Croatia - a pretty city.This is a ship, the Zuiderdam, which is anchored off shore - we tendered in to the port in our lifeboats.I must admit that they hold 100+ in an emergency and we only had 70 and were very cosy. The thought of having 100+ all with those bulky life jackets is a bit daunting! Our tour took us through the Diocletian's Palace which was build around 4th century AD and, as you can see, is still used today.This is the the plan of the original building.From the 6th Century to 1950 rubbish was dropped from above through these holes into the floor below. Apparently this is why the building is so well preserved - it took 10 years to clean out all the rubbish! These are some images taken from those lower floors

And this is supposedly a marble tray which was used for food for the Emperors.

At the rear of the palace is an area which includes this statue which came from Egypt

And what is reputed to be the oldest Christian Church in Europe (maybe there are more claims than that but it was a delightful church).
And I am still fascinated with the lovely foliage which grows in the ancient walls - one was a lovely spread of snapdragons!
We then travelled down the Coast and up a river for a scrumptious lunch where we sat around tables outdoors. This was a watermill which supplied the water for the fish.

And an olive press.

Part of the courtyard.

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