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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Europe Holiday 2008 Part 12 Corinth

The next day we spent at sea catching our breath! Early Wednesday morning we arrived at Piraeus, the port for Athens, and joined a tour to Corinth. This Greek Orthodox church is situated amongst the many port buildings - a haven in a very busy city.

Don 't forget to click on the photo to see a larger image.During the 19th Century a canal was cut between the Aegean and Adriatic Seas at Corinth - we caught a glimpse of the canal as we crossed the bridgeand then stopped so we could walk back and have a closer look - it is amazingly deep when you look down between the cliffs. And this sign intrigued me - do they have ice cream with their toast in Greece?Our first glimpse of the ruins of Corinth was the Acrocorinth on the hill overlooking the ruined city. This was built as a fortress BC and parts have survived numerous earthquakes over the years.The Temple of Apollo
Images of various ruins and places around the enormous site.

And of course I couldn't resist a shot of the poppies.

The museum site has many ancient and interesting exhibits.The Head of Dionysos crowned with vine leaves (2nd c A D)The Head of Dionysos in the middle of a mosaic floor from a Roman Villa (2nd A D - 3rd A D) I could feel a quilt coming on here!

One of the many artifacts which were made about 600 B CAll too soon we were back on board our ship - we watched this Tall Ship arrive in port.
And then we sailed - not a lot of colour in the buildings and there is quite a lot of smog.

The view as we sailed out.And of course we had to celebrate Queen Beatrix birthday being on a Dutch ship - but I didn't get a piece of cake!

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