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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

European Holiday 2008 Part 3

We continued our walk to the Opera House to pick up the On Off Bus to tour Vienna. On our way we passed Mozart's statue.

And the Steinway building - if you look closely you can see Wayne and myself looking in the window!

After doing a lap in the bus we decided to explore by ourselves - first stop was the Hapsburg Palace which has many other buildings linked to it.

Including St Michael's Wing.

And through the archway this is a central part of the dome - a lovely pattern for applique!

We then proceeded to get lost but saw some interesting buildings!

Not sure where this stain glass window was but it is pretty.

And I'm still trying to find out what church this was - it didn't help us find out way though.

Finally we spotted spires in the distance, and thinking they were Stephensdom, which is the church we were looking for we headed off.
BUT NO - it was a different church but, fortunately close to the On Off Bus route. So we jumped on the next bus and stayed until we stopped at Stephensdom, which was really very close to where we had originally been looking - perhaps we can blame it on jet lag?
Enjoy the images of this huge church in the middle of the old city of Vienna.

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