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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Europe Holiday 2008 Part 6 Salzburg

On Monday we travelled by train to Salzburg. The extent of the luxurious green fields was amazing - the hazy day meant that we couldn't get a really good view of the mountains but here are some of the images.

After settling into our hotel we went for a stroll and discovered the Mirabell Gardens and Palace.

And our first glimpse of the Salzburg Fortress.

We then strolled down towards the river

I liked this quirky statue.
And The Holy Trinity Church.

The next morning we caught the bus down to the old town on the other side of the river and started exploring.

First we went up on a lift to an art gallery (we were too early for it to open) and took in the view of the old town and the Fortress. This was the only day that it rained on our holiday but the only consequence was that the mountains were under cloud.

Next we wandered around the old town and took in the sights, including the open markets.

These horses looked a bit gloomy in the damp.

We also visited the Salzburg Cathedral - yet more beautiful domes.

A view of the fortress from the old city.

The Funicular to take you up to the castle and a photo taken on the ride up.


Views taken from the fortress over the city.

Scenes of the courtyards and other parts of the fortress.

Yes they did have toilets.

On returning back to the old city we wandered through St Peter's Cemetry which is said to be one of the prettiest in Europe.

We then took the bus back to our hotel - well we thought we were - we actually ended up going through the commercial centre and out to South Salzburg - oh well a nice way to see a different part of the city!

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