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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Europe Holiday 2008 Istanbul Part 13 Day 1

Thursday morning I was up early to see the sights of the Dardanelles as we sailed through.We weren't the only ship!I think this is Gallipoli - Anzac Cove cannot be seen from the Dardanelles as it is on another stretch of water but the Australians on board were still very moved to be in the area. Not so pleased though when the tour director, in his broadcast, referred to the Myth of the Anzacs!!!!
After sailing across the Marmara Sea this is our first glimpse of Istanbul.
And the minarets of the mosques can be seen dotting the landscape.
Sailing past the Topkapi Palace (I think!)

Europe in the background and Asia to the right.

We then did a tour sailing up the Bosphorus between Europe and Asia.
Modern buildings contrast with the old.

Part of the Rumeli Fortress which was built in 4 months in 1452.

Some of the mansions on the Asian side of the Bosphorus.

This has to be a very relaxed way of fishing - which is a very popular occupation in Turkey.

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Mandy said...

Each and every picture is a masterpiece, Jill. They bring to life your wonderful experiences and should tempt many to follow. I cannot chooses even 10 "best" - you should publish a coffee table book.