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Friday, November 4, 2011


After leaving Athens we had a delightful day at sea basking in the sun. We then arrived at the Greek Island of Corfu only to find that it was raining very heavily. Added to this we had to tender in on our lifeboats. Needless to say once I arrived back at the ship it was a complete strip and a very hot shower! The photos don't reflect how heavy the rain was. The first stop was at Achillion which was the Empress Elisabeth of Austria's summer palace. She was known as Sissi and apparently there was a film made of her life around the 50s. This is a bust of Sissi.

A fireplace in the palace - not sure I'd be game to light a fire in such a beautiful place.

A beautiful book on display.
Whilst it was very wet I did venture out into a quick tour of the gardens. This statue of a naked lady apparently caused much controversy at the time. The model was called into court on account of her nudity. However her lawyer asked her to strip before the judge - who was so impressed by her beauty let her off any charges!

The rear of the statue of Archilles showing the arrow in his heel.

We then drove up a hill to look over Pontikonissi and the Monastery of Panagia Vlacherna.

After a very wet walk through the town we resorted to a coffee in a line of cafes which overlooked this green park which is actually a cricket pitch - a remnant of the British rule over the Island.

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