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Friday, November 4, 2011


This was my birthday and turned out to be quite an adventure. We sailed up the inlet and arrived at Kotor. The weather looked threatening but we were hopeful. Wayne and I were doing a bus tour up the mountain and down the other side!!! What they hadn't told us was that the roads were quite narrow and had 26 hairpin bends on the way up - and the rest wasn't very straight. Quite a lot of reverse driving was undertaken to enable other cars and buses to pass. Because of the traffic and the weather we were unable to get out of the bus to take photos so it was a little difficult at times. I might have got a few more if I'd looked at the view instead of the reverse driving of the buses!!! It rained for about 3 hours and included hail and thunderstorms which echoed around the mountains. We did stop for lunch at the top. On the way down there was flooding in the streets. But it did stop when we returned to Kotor which gave us a chance to wander around the old city.

This is looking down on Kotor and our ship (the black one) from part way up the mountain before the rain came.

And looking over the other side this is the airport!! I think I would rather sail in.

Kotor and the mountains from the ship.

The old city of Kotor is enclosed in a wall - this is part of the wall.

You all know I love taking photos of doors!

The Roman Catholic Church.

Another door.

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