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Friday, November 4, 2011


The next day, with the weather behind us for a while at least, we docked at Dubrovnik. This was a beautiful place and it is hard to imagine how recently they were at war. We were told that the houses with the red roofs were all new as the previous had been destroyed in the war - there were a lot of bright red roofs. This is a view of Dubrovnik from the ship.
I went up in the cable car to the top of a hill and this is the view of the mountains behind the town - very bleak.
Looking down the coast from the top of the hill.
The old walled town of Dubrovnik from the hill - this is where we went next.
The Western Gate to the Old Town. The town is completely enclosed by a wall which you could walk around - I didn't feel up to climbing all the steps to get to the top!
An interesting door handle.
More decorative buildings.
The narrow streets full of cafes waiting for all those tourists.

I'm not sure how far the owner of this bike actually road - hopefully not down the steps.
The clock tower.
A church.

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