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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Varna - Bulgaria

Varna in Bulgaria was a completely new country for us. It is interesting seeing how these former Soviet countries are developing - or not!!! Now you should know that I didn't have to be up too early to take the photos of the sunrise - it didn't happen until about 7.45 when we were usually sitting out on the back deck having breakfast.We went into this church - I can't remember if it was Russian or Eastern Orthodox but they are very beautiful. They do not have any musical instruments but the priests actually chant. I was a little naughty as I turned my camera on so I could record the chanting/singing. Apparently one of the prerequisites for becoming a priest is to be able to sing - pity if you are tone deaf!
We travelled into the country to a village called Madara where we had lunch at this private home with local food.
These are the left overs after a couple of bus loads had their fill - interestingly there was a plate of lamingtons on the table - I always thought they were Australian! We also had local beer and other drinks - the first time Wayne has had a bad beer - he didn't finish it!
Near the village there are high cliffs on which someone - and no one knows who - carved a figure of a horseman many hundreds of years ago. Also in the walls of the cliffs are little caves where they used to lower the monks down to so they could contemplate life! They lowered food to them regularly - would have been a very bleak existence.

We walked up many steps and through some lovely bushland to see the bas relief.
Someone had set up this shrine in one of the caves on the walk way.
The Horseman of Madara - it is quite large and metres up the wall - no one is really sure how it was done but it would have been quite difficult.
And then we came back down again!

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