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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Odessa - Ukraine

Odessa was a pretty city - it seemed as though there is quite a lot of restoration going on. We were there on a Saturday and I have never seen so many brides! The couples have to marry in the registry office before going to a church (if that is their want). We walked past the registry office and the wedding parties were everywhere! It became a little difficult to get a photo without a bride in it!

We spent the morning doing a walking tour through the city and our first stop was at the top of the Potemkin Steps where these men with birds of prey were touting for us to pay for photos - I didn't pay!
We walked across this bridge where it has become a tradition for couples to swear their love by putting locks in place - not sure if they break up whether they take the locks away or not! The bridge was originally built by some wealthy man so his mother-in-law could walk home after visiting and didn't have to stay the night! It is actually called "Mother-in-laws" bridge.

The same man built this walkway for his wife to walk so she wouldn't get wet in the rain!
A decoration which appealed to me.
And some doors.
This building is being restored and will be magnificent when finished.
A statue of someone important but I didn't catch his name!
Pushkin's statue.
In the afternoon I went to the Ballet at the Opera House which, incidentally, was across the road from the registry office and all those brides.
The ceiling of the opera house with the chandelier and frescoes.
The hand embroidered curtain for the stage which took years to make.
The staircase - you guessed it - there had to be a bridal photo!

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