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Friday, November 4, 2011


I was up early the next morning to be out on the deck when we sailed into Venice where we were to spend 2 days. This first image is of the entrance to the Grand Canal.
The Doge's Palace in the early morning light.
On the first morning I headed off by myself and walked from the Plaza de Roma to St Mark's Square - got confused a few times but saw lots of lovely Venetian sights. I loved seeing this lace being dried. No rotary clothes lines here.

A deserted square.
Lovely fresh produce for sale.
Part of a gondola.
One of the many bridges on the canals.
This was a very narrow house!
This water dispenser amused me - look at the design on the stonework.

Grand Canal from the Academia Bridge. I'd managed to find my way to this area hoping to visit the Guggenheim Gallery only to find it was closed on Tuesdays!!

And I know I've put this image in before but can't work out how to delete it!!!
The next day Wayne and I got the vaporetto into St Mark's Square - here are some photos of the outside of St Marks.

And then we found a lovely restaurant - the grilled scampi were something else.

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