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Friday, November 4, 2011


Crete was different to what I expected - I was really interested in going there as my father was on the last ship to escape before the Germans occupied the island in WWII.
We did a tour to the Lassithi Plateau which meant driving up yet more mountains! The Plateau is where a lot of the produce is grown and has numerous little villages dotted throughout.

Our first stop was part way up the mountain at the Monastery of the Panayia Kera where there was a service taking place. It was very interesting to go into the monastery after the priest had finished and see the way the people were worshipping.
This is a shrine just outside the main building.
And the view from the monastery. Apparently there are only nuns in residence but what a lovely view.

And another view from further up the mountain.

We stopped for a snack at a restaurant and this is one of the windmills for which the area is famous - unfortunately there are not many left in their original state as they have been left to the elements.

These gourds were growing in the garden.

Back in Iraklion this is the Venetian part of the port.

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