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Friday, November 4, 2011


The next day we were up the coast, still in Croatia, but at Split. We had visited here before so I selected a tour which took us out of the city mainly based on information I received a couple of months before from an ADFAS lecture given by a Croatian lady who talked about these places. Our first stop was the Mestrovic Gallery. Mestrovic was a famous sculptor who has works shown all around the world. The gallery is at his former residence which he actually designed in his role of an architect.
More steps to climb up!
The view from one of the rooms at the gallery.

A self portrait.
And some of his sculptures.

We next visited Roman remains at Salona - this is a graveyard.

This is a feature of the garden in the area.

We next visited the cathedral of St Lawrence

Part of the door of the cathedral - it is a huge portal with lots of carvings and very difficult to get a good photo of it as a whole.
The carving of Adam.
And Eve
More details including one of St Lawrence who was always depicted with a grill and I'm trying to remember the reason why - I'd like to say something to do with barbecues but it wasn't quite that simple.

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